science fiction author Val Linn

About Val Linn

Val Linn is a writer living near Scappoose, Oregon, in the Maritime Northwest, which means that he lives in a soggy country that has a lot of trees.

He is currently rewriting and polishing the production of his last ten years, the Carlyntown Trilogy. The first novel, Rainbow At Midnight, is now available. This story creates the post-apocalyptic world that the rest of his work takes place in, so is the natural place to start publication.

Val went to college directly out of high school, and studied Religion, intending to become a Christian minister, then served in the Army for three years. He learned infantry squad battle tactics, and then Intelligence functions Special-Agenting in the C.I.C. (Counter Intelligence Corps division of Army Intelligence). During those Army years his first family broke up, and the obstacles of pain and fear remained, and had to be overcome before he could engage in life’s other battles. The family split gave him a natural sympathy for those left alone or abandoned in life. After the Military service he used his experience to become a professional counselor, working for over twenty years to lesson the pain and struggle that people around him were fighting. His stories take seriously the obstacles his characters face, and show how those characters meet and overcome them to build satisfying and productive lives for themselves.

Val lives on a small farm in the forest today, with two horses, seven llamas and various other fowl and critter companions. He enjoys classical music and cool jazz, photography and the work of survival on the farm. His five grown children are spread out from Florida, to Texas, to Boring, Oregon and keeping in touch with them requires constant effort.