"Val Linn's new novel takes you to strange and interesting places. Well-executed and well-written, the book embodies elements of Twain's Connecticut Yankee and James Clavell's Shogun, with enough hard science fiction to satisfy readers looking for it. Fine work from a talented writer." Steve Perry, New York Times best-selling author

"Val Linn's post-apocalyptic novel about life after the big nuclear bang is fascinating. I was hooked from the small opening paragraph before the Prologue until the block-buster ending, and couldn't stop until I finished it. The characters are likeable and realistic, and the book is well-researched and well thought out. If you're looking for an exciting, creative read, don't overlook this one.” Martha P. Miller, Past President, Oregon Writers Colony

Rainbow at Midnight

science fiction author Val Linn What would your favorite community from small-town-America be like in 500 years?

On the threshold of nuclear war, thugs hired by his former employer violently abduct and cryogenically preserve scientist Andy Hirsch, dooming him to life in a post-apocalyptic future with no possibility of return. One minute blinking with drowsiness, desperate to get loose and get his family to safety, the next waking up five hundred years later.

Andy is alone and gasping with pain in the dripping January forest near what he once knew as Scappoose, stripped of his wife and four children, who had been his haven and his reason for living.

Two hard-luck kids revived him: twelve-year-old Lila, a smart and sassy girl who pays for it with beatings, and Jock, her fourteen-year-old, woods-wise brother. After finding Andy up the canyon and injured by the preservation process, the kids helped him to their village. This new era echoes its dark past with a vicious present, and fear rules short lives. Andy finds that Jock and Lila need him as much as he needed them.

Together, with cunning, tenacity and often the use of scientific "magic," the three forge a path throught Andy's midnight-of-the-soul in a story that will grab your heart, mind and curiosity, and pull you into their evolving world.

logo of science fiction author Val LinnRainbow at Midnight is now available on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and at Powell's Books.

ISBN: 9781467539852
Publication date: October 1, 2012
Publisher: Linn Publications
Author Val Linn, illustrator Peggy Lowe